Sparkling Opulence in Baroque Interior Design

If you are currently foraging for some elements to add in your house opulence, a slight style of Baroque design will go a long way. This particularly elaborate and luxurious design style was once considered phenomenal artistic movement about 1600 in Rome, Italy. Then, it got spread from Italy to the land of France and the throughout the rest of European areas during the 17th and 18th centuries. The design has been known for its lavish decoration, which at first became the symbol of wealth and the social status preferred by European royalty, King Louis XIV for example, whose versatile palace was designed and decorated in this particular style. These days, there are a great number of house owners who have infused in their house decoration and interior design a sound Baroque style.

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Well, I would first begin with the ornate furnishings. Baroque-styled interior is widely recognized for its featuring huge, stately furniture with sophisticated hand-carved details as well as marquetry, mother-of-pearl, decorative inlays comprising of ivory, tortoise shell, and gold. Also, there are lots of lines of veneers of exotic on omnifarious tones. Another sound feature of Baroque-style interior design is the high-backed chairs designed with wide seats, carved legs, scrolling, and luxurious upholstery, which are recognized as the signature elements of the style, as are the lines of cabinets with some highly sophisticated finishing. André Charles Boulle, an artist that designed furniture for King Louis XIV, created the furniture into fabulous works of art. His pieces exceedingly came under the spotlight and boated inlays of tortoiseshell, ebony, brass, bronze, mounts of ormolu, and granite and marble tabletops made from fine tapestries. There are also some wonderful upholstery which are made from tapestries adorning the very furniture. Are you interested in recreating that style in your house interior design? You can simply opt for French Louis XIV antiques or the reproduction furniture as well as Italian-made reproductions designed in Baroque style.

So and so, Baroque style in interior design can surely add in fabulous and exceedingly artistic element. The items to include may be rather hard to find. However, the end result will obviously distinctively attractive.

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