Popular Interior Design for Bakery

Choosing a bakery interior design which meets your store’ ethic is indeed crucial to attract your clients on the products that you offer. For example, if you bake your breads from scratch, you may need to ponder a rustic it theme. On the other hand, if your bakery provides more cakes, tarts, and pies, you have to think about designing an interior which showcases a bright, clean, and colorful array of the range of treats inside the glass cases. Upon deciding on a theme to apply, please keep in mind that you need to allow some spaces for patrons to look over the products or the breads behind the bakery counter. Here are some interior design ideas that you may consider.

desain-interior bakery

Okay, I think the first theme to go is the farm store. Designing a bakery which feels like a farm store can be an excellent choice for a western theme. You can welcome patrons into all-wooden interior with high ceilings, solid oak countertops, and tall shelves. You can fill the tall shelves with handmade jellies and jams. Be sure that you hand-write the names of baked goods to label every single product that you offer. And then, add wooden furniture or chunky one if you have some spaces for your seating area. if you don’t, then you can simply add stools to a counter where any folks can enjoy one cup of strong coffee along with some bread. Another theme for a distinctive nuance in your bakery is the Boulangerie. This particular theme puts emphasis on modeling the bakery interior right after classic French boulangerie interior style. Different to a French café, boulangerie in Paris is so crowded and cramped four times per day when bakers pull hot baguettes out of ovens. You can decorate the bakery, while keeping the boulangerie in consideration, yet expanding the very concept a little bit to cater for more guests and provide additional seating for the guests to enjoy muffin or sandwich. However, you need to avoid going kitsch. As such, you are not recommended not to load the bakery with berets, Eifel towers, and checkered tablecloths.

As you see, bakery interior design also affords as huge amount of pleasure as decorating house interior. You can go with Boulangerie and most people are aware of the simplicity of this French interior design.

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