DIY Projects on Decorating a Ranch Style Houses

Ranch style houses were so popular form the 20s to the end of 70s. Those houses are particularly only a story, with a low roof and clean lines. If you feel like your ranch houses appears so plain in comparison to the more modern architectural design, you can always bring in modernized style into the space with some low-expense decorating. The other good news is that you can put comfort and functionality at priority, instead of perfection. That means you will have no tough and complicated décor job along the way. Try to embrace time-worn fascinating sparkle of the pieces that you spot, and try your hand as well, though you may be little bit unskilled, at some DIY tips.

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It is actually quite easy to decorate your ranch house, however unskilled you are at several DIY projects on house decoration. One of the ideas is by opening up your floor plan. In case you ranch house is quite old, you may feel rather closed off in the kitchen. In order to deal with that, you can hire a contractor so as to take down the upper cabinets which face the dining room. That will give you a more open floor plan which lets more and more sun light into the very area. Adding a kitchen island and several barstools where your friends and family can congregate can be a great idea. Also, it is important to create sound and proper character in different areas of your ranch house. Ranch style houses often feel rather featureless or boring, to some extent. This is because of the style’s bare bone’s theme in the design. Try to bring in a more focal point in every area in your house. You can do so by painting one wall dramatic hue of color, or you can also hang floor-to-floor ceiling drapes. Add in some simple and rustic moldings. And then, add more height to complete the overall decoration. Tear out low, drop ceiling or simply replace it with ceiling tiles with a more modern look.

Lastly, reminiscent of the low ceilings in ranch house decoration, you can just tear out low ceilings or simply replace them with modern ceiling tiles. Replacing your fluorescent lighting with some updated fixtures is great idea in enhancing the ceiling and casting softer light.


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