Nice Ideas to Try on Updating Kids Bedroom Decoration

Decorating a bedroom for kids certainly calls forth negotiating with them in order to create a space which is comfortable for them. This can be a rather tricky job for parents when boy and girl share one room. The problem that may come is that they do not want to share the bedroom and instead demand on having one person in the room. If you are currently working on updating bedroom decoration for your kids, you can try to talk to them about their expectations and needs then go on looking for a common ground. Here are some ideas that may help you to deal with that particular issue.

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First, you have to make sure that the colours that you choose is appropriate to both of them. Decorating a bedroom with a certain colour scheme to accommodate your kids’ is a bit tough. If they don’t come to any agreement, you can opt for a neutral colour for the primary tone for the bedroom decoration. Then, you simply let the kids add some accents colours. For instance, you can use chocolate cream and brown as the basic tones of the bedroom. You may use aqua, navy, light blue, or even lime green for his side of the bedroom and light pink, aqua, purple, or hot pink such as stripes. Alternatively, you can use the same tones throughout the entire room yet keep his side in stripes and hers in another hue, say polka dots for example. Or his in squares and hers in circles. All the walls inside the bedroom can be painted a distinctive tone if they consent on one basic colour, which involves a number of primary tones, such as blue, green, yellow, and red. Or, you can paint two walls in neutral colour, his wall in his favourite tone and her wall in her most fancy colour.

So, what do you reckon will work best for your kids’ bedroom decoration? Playing with tones and colour scheme can be a really nice idea to satisfy your kids’ wants for a fancy bedroom decoration. involving kids in decorating their bedroom is indeed a great start.


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