Nice Bedroom Decoration for 11 Year Old Girls

Creating a nice bedroom for everyone is indeed an important thing to do. Particularly when working on decorating an 11 year old girls bedroom, there will be so many things that parents need to ponder. Teenagers are so active. They have a lot of activities and thus the bedroom decoration have to be designed in such a way that will ease them to deal with their daily stuffs. Parents need to create a bedroom with lots of flexibility and adaptability. In terms of creating a nice bedroom decoration for your 11 year old, here are some ideas that will work best for the bedroom. Scroll through and find out what you can apply.

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The first point to note is the closet study area. You can simply hang your daughter’s clothes in extra wardrobe or closet, and then put her desk in that closet. You may use the upper shelf for the books and add one bulleting board right to the back wall so she can easily post her best essays and arts, and keep a calendar for the forthcoming school assignments on display. Then, you can run a cord or even install outlet to afford power for a desk lamp. You daughter are then enabled to pull up a chair when it is homework time and then close the door to conceal undone projects without putting them away. If there is still enough area, you can hang a closet organizer. In this regard, I would recommend a storage ottoman which can provide a nice place to keep shoes, craft supplies, or games. It surely affords extra seating and can be used as low table when she sits on the floor with some friends. In case you just have room for a piece of storage, choose a closet with mirrors on its door. A closet with drawers on one side and a hanging space on another side is the smartest option. You may also add plastic shelves in the wardrobe.

To sum up, an 11 year old girl’s bedroom requires lots of flexible design and furnishing to cope with what they need. To afford more storage, extra wardrobe or closet will do best. Some decorative ornaments will also help them deal with their school stuffs, such as bulletin board and ottoman storage.


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