Simple Ideas to Create Modern Living Room

Working on your living room decoration lately? Well, if you are, then the following Simple ideas can be a really nice resources for your inspiration. Just scroll through and learn how to do so.

Pondok labu living room (2)


First off, I will highly recommend you to get some delicate theme in your living room, which will get some sense of elegance in the area. What you need to do is simply softening the living room with some curtains. You may use some large curtain panels in order to soften your wall. This is going to be much more important you have harsh cinderblock walls in your living room. In order to make your living room decoration softer, adding bamboo Roman shade will work best to have some layered look. I suggest you to hang your curtain panels and set them close to the ceiling, which is basically essential to add some extra height. When it is done, you will make the it look bigger.  The next thing to take into account is considering long-term nuance. Rather than investing in a pair of headboards which will much more difficult if you plan to move into a home or an apartment later. What to do then? Well, you simply have to set a pair of mattresses as your daybed. By that it means that you can reuse your headboard for a number of years to come. As such, simplicity is always more than just about style. And then, thinking out of the box seems to be the ultimate key in any house decoration, no matter which area you are working on. One of the most crucial things in so doing is choosing some unusual shapes. You may use a head board for emboldening the it theme, which will get some wow-factor to your room. This is particularly beneficial to apply in small living room. You may also set some monogrammed pillow and fun printing to finish off the decoration without the need to get a ridiculous number of accessories.

So, have you decided what to add in your living room decoration? Just pick one and then go experiment with your living room.


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