Decorating Ideas for Bedroom with A-Frame Ceilings

A nice A-frame home has few vertical calls, as the sloped ceiling reaches to the ground on every side. This particular classic Mid-century design has been known to be well-suited for mountain climates with lots of snowfall and water side cottage retreats. Homes which are designed with standard side walls leading up to cathedral-like design can be considered as A-frame design as well. bedrooms in A-Frame homes are often situated in attics or even the upper levels, which is either small or wide. That depends o the house owner’s design. You can play up the ceiling’s stunningly unique architecture with some decorative elements which will nicely enhance the angular lines or which emphasize its shape or height.

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All right, let us start with the embellished end walls. There is no doubt that accent walls in a bedroom are particularly located right behind the head of a bed. However, in a room with A-frame ceiling, the end well denotes the natural option for the accent wall, no matter where you have set the bed. You can paint the wall in a bold tone in order to emphasize the different shape or simply cover it with some wallpapers or planked wooden panels so as to create a nicely enhanced pattern or an inviting rhythmic line. Without a doubt, you can create a gallery wall by filling it with a number of framed photos as well as wall arts. Alternatively, you can hang frames on diagonal line, which follows the sloping shape of the ceiling. In case your wall has planked panel and a window, you simply can hang curtains with horizontal stripes which are secured right at the top and bottom with a couple of rods. Keep in mind that you have to make the rods follow the rhythm of the lines set on your wall. In order to have another option for drawing the attention with angular lines and afford a plethora of storage, you can have built-in shelves in your bedroom.

 All in all, A-shape bedroom can offer unique way of bedroom decoration. This is particularly represented in the walls and ceilings.


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