Classic Nuance in Your Bedroom: Authentic Decoration Ideas in Victorian Style

There is no doubt that bedroom denotes a place for privacy and retreat. As such, it is imperative that every house owner can create a nice and inviting feeling and look. One of many bedroom decoration will do best for that particular purpose is Victorian style. Victorian bedroom can definitely be luxurious place to rest and have a retreat. Deep tones and highly decorated blinds or curtains, flooring, and bedding will afford the backdrop for a number of displays and accessories of bronze, china, coloured glass, and carved wood. Read through and learn how this particular vintage style will bring you back to gentile place and time.

Ibu Eva

Victorian bedroom will feature a massive bed, so when choosing a properly styled bedroom for that style, do not skimp on the purchase. Opt for a heavy mahogany or walnut bed frame with as many detailed carving works as you can get. Canopy bed can also be acceptable, yet again, find the one with lots of carved details and posts. Cast-iron or even bronzed bed frame is going to fit into Victorian style, so you need to check antique shops and some online resources to forage for authentic bed or another convincing reproduction. In case you cannot shell out the expense for the bed frame, don’t get afraid. You can have a nice leeway by dressing up your bed in a Victorian way and no one will spot that it is missing. Dressing the bed denotes a real event for a Victorian household and will include deluxe decorations and fabrics. In this case, silk sheets will make your bedroom even more authentic, yet to save some bucks you can go with high-thread-count maroon sheets, particularly the dark ones. The coverlet and the quilt have to be embroidered, opulent-quilted, or highly decorated with tassels and gold trim. Pleats and ruffles in silk or even velvet will surely transform your bedroom into Victorian dream. In case you cannot find high-class bedding, you need to check out the fabric at local sewing shops and have some friends for help.

So, have you decided what to apply for your personalized Victorian bedroom? Most importantly, you will need to feature some woodworks in your bedroom decoration.


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