Basic Elements in Designing Balinese House Decoration

Do you need an idea to create a traditional house decoration with Asian style? Well if you are indeed interested in such house decoration idea, then you should take into account the sparkle of Balinese house decoration idea. In order to achieve such a unique house decoration, you need to take into account the basic elements which feature Balinese house décor. Here are some points that are worth pondering in creating such traditional nuance in your house. Read on and find out how to create Balinese style in your living.


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The first important point to note is the palette. Balinese house décor is popular for is definitive characteristics. A lot of designers rely on lime green and bold tangerine, or just bring in Southeast Asian style with sound accentuation of deep red and saffron. In terms of the color to splash, you can paint an accent wall a striking persimmon and then add more trim of cobalt blue. By using pale saffron or antique white, you can easily create a more minimalist or even modern artistic design. In case working on the walls and house accentuation has yet to suffice your desire of ideal Balinese house décor, you can move onto the flooring. Flooring can be stained dark wood, or you can feature the flowing with bamboo and throw rugs or sisal mats. In addition, it is also important to consider some other essentials. It is important that you give your rooms more distinctive Balinese accent by fundamentally featuring handicrafts which are indigenous to the very area. Make sure that you also brighten up any forgotten corner with some hand-painted kites, which most Balinese people fly over their harvests during the harvest moon in order to discourage any insects from damaging their plants. The last consideration is the idea of lining up a visible wooden beam with brightly painted traditional marionettes or masks from the traditional puppet show.

All in all, a number of essentials unique in Balinese house decoration have to be taken into account and applied in your house. what is great about it is that culture denotes a beautiful aspect in house decoration


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