Simple House Interior Ideas for Establishing Wall Partition

In the realm of house decoration, there is no doubt that aesthetics and functionality will exert influential impact and the combination, in moderation, between the two will get you a harmony in your house decoration. One of many ways to create  such harmony is by setting the partition among the existing areas in the house. The more you organize the partition inside the house, the easier it will be for your to determine the ornament and the theme as well as the connection among the rooms. In case you are looking for ideas to organize your house division, perhaps you need to look into how wall partition can be erected to help your plan the interior design.

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A partition wall will separate a section from another section. Interior partitions make rooms separated, such as the wall between dining room and the kitchen. Exterior partitions are commonly made up of cement and brick, or any other similar materials. The interior partitions should have frames which are built of woods with stud. Obviously, you can use any sorts of wall covering so long as the frame will follow similar design as the remainder of the home. Cement board set on top of the board will definitely allow you to add stone veneers or tile. Nevertheless, gypsum board is the most common and standard wall covering. When you have decided on the types of wall covering to apply, you can map out the wall on graph paper. You are going to have a top plate and a sole plate, which are the boards running along the bottom of the top frame and the bottom of the frame. These are going to be as long as the measurements that you took from the wall to end of the wall partition. It is essential to plate to use 2-by-4-inch boards in the frame construction as this will make the partition steady. Then, mark off the locations of studs right on the sole plate drawing.

The last tip for the interior design to note is that make sure that you space the studs around 17 inches apart from the middle of each stud for the framing. This is going to leave about 14 inches between the edges of each stud. Each stud is going to be the height of the measurement from the floor to the ceiling minus 5 inches.


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