Baroque-Styles Interior Design: Opting for Luxurious Textiles

Every house owner surely has their own preference when dealing with their house decoration and its interior. For those who really fancy artistic and lavish interior design in their house decoration, Baroque-style interior design will be a perfect choice. Baroque-style has been widely known for its aesthetic touches in his art works, which fundamentally attracted public notice and acclaim particularly in the realm of art and interior design. If you want to have a distinctively luxurious and glamorous interior design, this particular style can obviously be a perfect choice. There are of course a great number elements to deal with upon creating the style, one of which is the luxurious textiles. Here are some ideas that you may be interested in creating the style.

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I highly recommend you to incorporate luxurious and opulent fabrics, which can include silk, velvet or cashmere on bedding, taffeta, accent pillows, window treatments, and also wall fabric. Needlework upholstery or tufted velvet and some complex textures which may include damask, brocatelle fabrics, and brocade complement the Baroque style interior excellently. You can create your own combination and configuration for your house interior design with all of these elements in mind, and there are of course a number of elements to enhance the style. You can use large-scale prints with wrapping floral motifs such as flower garlands, acanthus leaves, repeating fruit and trellises. In terms of the colour option, I highly recommend vibrant colours of turquoise, red, green, coral and gold as the hallmark of the Baroque style interior design. One of Baroque art technique which is used in paintings, Chiaroscuro, alludes to the dramatic combination between dark hues and light which can also be found on some fabric patterns. You can also consider ceiling-to-floor draperies swagged with your fancy braided, tasseled, or jeweled cords. In order to complete the whole touch, you can include accent elements. You can accent the tops with some fringed and scallop-cut pelmets.

To sum up, Baroque-style interior design surely has been known for its lavish and glamorous designs. If you are really interested in creating out-of-the-box design with sound lavish touches, Baroque style can be perfect option for your house interior design.


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