Simple Tips to Create Balinese Style in House Decoration

If you want to have some shifts in your house decoration yet you do not know where to start, you are just on the right site. This article will show you how fascinating it is to have such a natural house décor style as pulled off by most Balinese houses. When you hear the word “Bali”, you will obviously think about the traditional cultures, dance, and the environment. With myriads of natural views spread all over the island, there is no doubt that most Balinese houses are designed based on the idea of integrating the house with the surroundings. If you are at all interested, you can just consider the essential features of Balinese house decoration and then integrate them into your house decoration. Here are some ideas of Balinese house decoration that you may be interested in.

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First off all, it is impossible to overlook how authentic the traditional nuance in Balinese house. The overall style of Balinese house decoration emphasizes on the reliance on the use of natural materials, craftsman details, and lots of modular shapes. What is also interesting about the house is that even though it appears to be rather fraught with artworks, the house still poses strong impression of tropical palette. Without a doubt, you can choose just any areas of your house to apply the very house decoration style, be it a living room, kitchen, or just an outdoor area. The other important detail that we should take into account is the features. Balinese house decoration features an abundance of natural materials as well as finishes, which are most notably made of wood of various shades and origins. Teak is surely one of the most enduring favourite in Indonesian house decoration, yet its limited number has encouraged some ecologically-oriented house designers to use repurposed or vintage teak only, instead of persistently relying on harvested teak.

To sum up, just do not forget the details in Balinese house decoration. Another natural element that you can include in your house decoration idea is bamboo, which is popular either as flooring element or in a pot, building material or furniture material. Paper, stone, clay, wicker, rattan, tile, paper, and metal may be also found integrated in room dividers, countertops.


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