Smart Decoration Ideas for Girls’ Bedroom

Adding young and fresh decoration accents which maximize the area in a girls bedroom is essential. Teens are so dynamic in that what they fancy this week may no longer be their favourite in the next. In addition, they have a very active life, which means that they will need lots of things to deal with their daily activity. As such, it is important that parents always care about how they decorate the bedroom for their teens. Specifically, I would like to highlight the decoration ideas for girls’ bedroom. An 11-year old girl needs a room which will grow with her into teenage years.

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First off, it is important that parents choose fabrics in their favourite tones in order to individualize the area. If their favourite colour is light, you can paint the walls in that particular tone. In case she prefers a right or dark colour, you can use it as the accent tones. The other thing that requires particular attention is window treatments. Window treatments that reach all the way to their bedroom ceiling will add height to the bedroom. You can add a cornice just above the windows that touch the ceiling and are is also quite long to cover the blinds or curtains. In this case, you can buy some panels and then hang them from a curtain rod at a certain height. You need to hem the panel so that it only covers the lower curtain rod. Choosing modern print for bold look is a nice idea for a feminine room. The other thing that I highly recommend is the lofts. Teens certainly are unique. You can build a loft 4 feet just under the ceiling for their mattress. 11 year olds are quite old to sleep in bunked beds. Place your daughters’ desk just below the loft in order to create a quiet study spot. You can hang a large curtain just under the front edge of the loft and add a lot of pillows so as to create a cozy hiding place devoted to sharing secrets with some friends.

All in all, 11 year olds certainly require lots of accommodation in their bedroom decoration. Choosing colour can be a first step to decorate a girls’ bedroom.. Then, you can create a loft for study area.


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