Smart Ideas on Designing Garage Interior

Designing the interior of a garage is much more based on function than on aesthetics. However, there are of course attractive storage and also working solutions which will help you to keep your garage organized, while at the same time making the most of the space. You can simply design the interior of the garage by measuring the wall spaces and designing the storage or work areas based on costs and availability. Here are some ideas for designing your garage interior.


First, what you have to do is drawing outline of the interior walls. then, mark your garage door, fixed appliances, and the windows. Make sure that you measure the width and height of every interior wall in the garage. Allow for your garage door opening because it affects the floor space and the wall. Designate the space for your cars, with room to open the car doors. And then, write the measurements on each wall so you can work on designing the work and the storage spaces. In case you use the garage to house two cars, mark off half of the side walls, if you find the fit tight, to allow for exiting your cars. In addition, you can also lay out a design by basin on the primary purpose of the garage interior. For lots of people, that will mean storage for the vehicles, tools, supplies, and household items. Make space for the largest item, such as storage cabinet, work bench, or even lawn mower, and then evaluate the availability of the floor areas and the walls in the garage. If you think that the space is at minimum, you can always design vertical storage, which can be hooks, shelves, or even racks to take the benefit of the height. You also need to add space for a peg board right behind the work area to hang your tools. Plan racks or shelves horizontally along the top of the walls on either side of the cars. You may hook underneath the shelves, which can be used to hang some cleaning tools or gardening stuffs.

Well, I guest those all the first details to work on your garage interior design. As the main purpose for which garage is designed, you need to design the interior as functional as possible.


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