Smart Interior Design for Modern Condo

No matter how you want to have your condo, be it designed for simplicity or complexity, designing the interior design in a condo can always spark lots of problems. One of many problems when dealing with condo is that it is simply designed for a number of people and thus small space can be rather problematic. Here are some interior designs for modern condo to deal with the needs for comfort and stylish living. Scroll through and pick up the designs that will work best for your condo.

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First off, you can start working with the mirrors and mirrored walls. Small areas take on fresh and new life with the inclusion of mirrors in your condo. Just before you hang your mirrors on your walls, you certainly need to study what will be reflected by the mirrors later.  Mirror placement which captures a sliding door wall is definitely like adding an additional window to your condo. The same thing also is true when you set mirrors which are projected to reflect plants and flowers. This placement can surely bring the outdoors in your living. Mirrored walls can be set and done in a lot of patterns and endless options pertinent to the colour palette. And then, what is next? Don’t forget to take into account the kitchen additions. Lack of storages is of course really noticeable in your kitchen in as much as there will be lots of thing that are going to be scattered everywhere. Using a storage wall unit which is designed with cabinets and shelves on a wall in order to house the items that are needed for entertaining and decorative purpose can be really work. The other idea is getting a countertop height, rectangular table in stainless steel or even butcher block which works for any casual meals and also serves double duties as a working area for preparing food.

All in all, there is no doubt that designing interior for modern condo calls forth smart placement of elements inside, which can also visually make the area larger. In order to create modern and visually larger condo, using mirrors on certain walls inside the condo will surely do. Also, setting some extra storages attached to the walls will help you organize everything you need.


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